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Zman Trout Eye Finesse 3/16oz

Zman Trout Eye Finesse 3/16oz

$14.99 inc. gst

The Z-Man Trout Eye Finesse Jig Head is a downsized version of the original Z Man Trout Eye Jig Head, perfect for those times when you need a smaller presentation. It features the signature large eyes that trigger a predatory response from fish. This jig head sports a smaller yet equally strong 1/0 Mustad UltraPoint hook that’s great at battling fresh and saltwater species.

The Z-Man Trout Eye Finesse Jig Head has a compact profile that’s the perfect match to the Slim SwimZ and StreakZ 3.75. Together, they deliver a seamless presentation that will tempt even the most lazy fish into striking.

Z-Man Trout Eye Finesse Jig Head Features:

  • Same popular design with oversized 3D eyes
  • Built on 1/0 Mustad UltraPoint hook to match smaller soft plastics
  • Sharp moulded keeper barbs hold ElaZtech and conventional soft plastics securely
  • Sized perfectly to pair with highly popular Slim SwimZ and StreakZ 3.75
  • Pack of 3
  • Weight: 1/8oz or 3/16oz
  • Available colours to choose from: Glow, Gold or Chartreuse