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Ocean Angler G-Bomb

Ocean Angler G-Bomb

$21.99$22.99 inc. gst

Introducing the G Bomb, the newest of sliding lures to add to your collection. The inspiration behind the G Bomb came when Paul saw similar designs in Asian countries, he had an instant light-bulb moment and realized it would be dynamite for Snapper! After a year in the making and plenty of testing, the G Bomb is proving to work well, especially when there’s a soft bite. The secret is in the swimming tail and smaller rear hook which gives the tail more action. The hydrodynamic design means it can get to the bottom faster with less water friction.

Weights: 45g, 60g, 80g, 100g, and 120g

Colours: Bruised Banana, Lime Orange, Pure Orange, 001 and 002

On-Water-tips: We’ve found this is the best technique: Drop to the bottom, slowly wind 3 times, then stop and wait a few seconds for a bite. If no bite, release it back to the bottom of the ocean floor and try again.