Meiho Bucket Mouth 5000

Meiho Bucket Mouth 5000

$99.99 inc. gst

Conceptually this tackle box has been well thought about, in addition to carry all your fishing gear, the Meiho Bucket Mouth 5000 Tackle Box is able to take the weight of a man, so it functions as a seat, cutting down on one item you need to bring along for comfort.

It has a “W” opening, that allows you to either side or if you unlock both sides, you can complete remove the cover for easy access to all your gear. The box is a simple design with just one internal tray, where you can put small items like hooks or terminal tackle.

Storage Capacity: 20 liters
Internal Dimensions: 34.8cm x 23.5cm x 25.7cm (D)

Model: BM-5000