Kilwell NZ Outriggers Straight Bolt-On

Kilwell NZ Outriggers Straight Bolt-On

$999.99$1,199.99 inc. gst


Kilwell NZ Outriggers 3.6m 12ft 1 Piece Stiff Bolt-On Black

Supplied fitted with Kilwell ORB1 bases designed to be mounted to your boats gunwhales or cabin sides.
This style of base is also the best option for mounting to a walk-around Hard Top or T-Top.

The outrigger base plate needs to be permanently bolted into place. Bolts are NOT supplied, but are
available from your local chandlery. The outrigger can be easily removed from the base plate by
undoing the Wing-nut bolt.

These outriggers are supplied fitted with ORB1 base, stainless top cap and pulley,
but will need to be rigged to suit your boat.

Sold as a pair.

** Cord rigging kits, AFTCO release clips and rubber snubbers are sold separately**