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Gamakatsu Puka Flash Octopus Rig

Gamakatsu Puka Flash Octopus Rig

$19.99 inc. gst

Supreme Hapuka rig, made with two 14/0 Tuna circle hooks tied on a heavy duty 200-300lb mono and professionally crimped.

The hook knots are wrapped in lumo heat shrink tubing to not only protect the lines vulnerable points – but attract fish aswell.

Gamakatsu Puka Flash Octopus Flasher Rig Features: 14/0 Tuna circle hooks 2 hook tangle-free rig Heavy Duty mono, 200-300LB Professionally crimped.

Available colours: Lumo Blue, Lumo Chartreuse, Luminous, Lumo Pink. Handcrafted in New Zealand