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BKK Silent Chaser

BKK Silent Chaser

$11.99 inc. gst

Rig small lures, catch big fish.

The Silent Chaser Jighead is the BKK version of a timeless classic jighead that finds application both in fresh and in saltwater environments. The Black Nickel coating enhances its ability to resist corrosion, at the same time protecting the needle point when jigging on the bottom. The 2x steel and medium gauge shank allow for stealthy presentations with small baits while targeting big prey.

Silent Chaser: A round-head jig head for fresh-water and light-saltwater applications. Perfect for trout and other freshwater species in New Zealand waters


  • •Needle-point tip
  • •BKK 2X steel construction

Sizes / Weights:

  • 1/8 oz : #2, #1
  • 3/16 oz : #1, 1/0
  • 1/4 oz : 1/0