Outrigger Tagline Retrieve Weights

Outrigger Tagline Retrieve Weights

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A pair of chrome plated brass tagline returns fitted with rubber bumpers to prevent damage to your boat.

To increase your hookup percentage use tag lines when trolling lures. This helps to cut down on the
drop-back that occurs when a clip lets go when you have a strike.
By adding a tag line to the outrigger halyard, and attaching your line to it via a clip or rubber band,
it allows the fish to come tight onto the drag at almost the same instant he eats your lure.

All tag lines should be rigged with a Kilwell tag line retrieve weight to get your tagline out of the water
and prevent a tangle with your fish. The pressure of a large lure pulling through the water is enough to
lift the tag line up to a position even with your pulling point on the outrigger. When a fish strikes,
the tag line releases and the outrigger weight brings the tag line back down to the cockpit so you
can reset it once you catch your fish. The retrievers are available in a range of weights to suit your riggers.

This heavy weight can get up to quite a speed coming down after a strike, so add a
Kilwell EVA Tagline stopper under the weight on the rigger halyard.

This acts as a cushion to save your rigger and boat hardware at the base of your outrigger.

Sold as a pair.

Available weights;